FOR SALE: Etchells 70 Posted on: October 06, 2017


Kris Ahlstrom
+1 408-719 5295
Price: $2,500 USD

Location: Bedford, New Hampshire, USA Condition: project boat


This is a great opportunity to get into an Etchells for small money, the trailer by itself would sell for $1,500.This boat is currently disassembled for a restoration that I just don't have time for, but it's complete for basic sailing including a main, jib and spinnaker. You could put it back together, as is, and be sailing or you can complete the restoration (including replacing the floorboards, which are missing) and have a competitive race boat. There are active and supportive Etchells fleets in both Marblehead, MA and Portland, ME and I will deliver within a reasonable distance.

Etchells 70

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