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Message from Class Chairman Gary Gilbert

Posted September 04, 2015

Members of the Etchells Class

As we approach the 2015 World Championships in Hong Kong a great deal of excitement is building for what will be a superb event. Hong Kong is a very vibrant city and the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is by far one of the greatest sailing establishments on this earth.

The competition at this Worlds event, as always, will be fierce in our one design class. The integrity of that one design is a hallmark of our Class.  As with all Worlds, measuring of each aspect of the boat, its sails and the weight of the team is part of the process. Bill Abbott, the Class Chief Measurer will be in Hong Kong for this. Over the last several months Bill has been measuring scores of boats in particular to provide him with data on the keel root garboard areas. To obtain these measurements Bill has added a new measuring template to the existing template array. The data that Bill has collected has given him the range that new boats are delivered from our three very excellent builders. Our builders are governed by the builder’s rules and their license. Competitors are also governed, as all know, by Class rules (C7.1 & 8.1) stating clearly that there be no modifications made to the hull and/or hull appendages on a boat delivered by the builder. This new template will be fully in effect going forward to detect boats that are out of tolerance in the keel root garboard areas. Boats not meeting any of the Chief Measurer’s inspection criteria will not be able to compete until full compliance is achieved.

To all competitors in Etchells regattas big and small cherish the “one-design” of your class. 

Gary D Gilbert

USA 1388