Corinthian Cup Trophy

Pewter Cup on wood base, presented by Patricia Stadel in recognition of outstanding yacht racing achievement by Corinthian sailors to be awarded to the so defined (ISAF category 1) Corinthian skipper and crew achieving the best result in said International Etchells Worlds Championship Series.

Year Boat Name Crew Crew Crew Crew
2008 Raging Rooster Peter S. Duncan Thomas Blackwell William Barton
2009 Barry D. King S. Cunnington J. Ware A. Butler
2010 Barry D. King S. Cunnington J. Ware A. Butler
2011 Viva Don Jesburg Scott Mason Zarko Draganic
2012 Iron Lotus Tom King Ivan Wheen Owen McMahon David Edwards
2013 1375 Argyle Campbell Robert Kinney Jamie Hardenbergh
2014 KGB Senet Bischoff Ben Kinney Clay Bischoff
2015 1364 Frank van Kempen Gregory Kearns Nicole Arnulphy Akira Sakai
2016 Hephaestus Thomas Brennan Ian Dobson Sam Maxfield Honor Fell