Rules & Documents

Association documents can be downloaded through this page, and will be updated when new versions are available.

DocumentLast Updated
Association Rules 12/09/15
Class Rules 11/16/17
Appendix A: Championship Rules 06/22/18
Appendix B: Championship Notice of Race 01/26/16
Appendix C: Championship Fleet Captain's Certification and Entry Form 08/24/15
Appendix D: Championship Sailing Instructions 01/26/16
Appendix E: Criteria for Granting Worlds
Appendix F: Worlds Loaner Boat Guidelines
Appendix G: Responsibilities of Fleet Officers
Appendix H: Measuring pre-1998 Boats
Appendix I: Championship Guidelines
Appendix J: Licence Agreement

Measurement Forms and Procedures
DocumentLast Updated
Alteration to Keel Form
How to comply with Rule 3.7 and Rule 7.3
How to find Mast Bury, Point "B"
International Etchells Measurement Diagram
Keel Measurement Information
Mast Measurement Diagram and Rigging Schedule
Miscellaneous Procedures and Reminders
Procedure for Leveling Boat and Applying Keel Template
Sample Hull & Spars Measurement Certificate
Sample Mast Measurement Form
Sample Sail Measurement Certificate
Spar Reminders

DocumentLast Updated
Sail Plan 04/13/88
Boom 04/13/88
Construction Plan
Spar Plan
Keel Template

One Design Technical Documents
DocumentLast Updated
Protocol for submission of a class interpretation 11/14/17
3 vs. 4 up
Hull Documentation
Hull Scanning Project Report
Hull Scanning Update 08/15/08
Worlds Finishes vs. Keels Analysis 06/15/09
Letter to Owners, Fleet Captains and Licensed Builders 10/11/07
3MKB-10G Construction with Bow Bulkhead Notes
Bow Bulkhead Drawing
Bow Bulkhead Installation
Bow Bulkhead Specifications
Updated Tabbing Specification 11/24/07
Spar Drawing Revised Level Change 08/20/08