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2018 Worlds Measurement Information Update

Posted August 21, 2018

Dear Etchells Sailors,

Prior to the 2018 Brisbane World Championship the International Governors Committee would like to draw your attention to the Class Rules and Appendices. 

Particularly, the Introduction to the Class Rules, which state:

Etchells hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails are measurement controlled.

These rules are deemed to include the Sail Measurement Certificate, Measurement Templates and Measurement Diagrams.

Etchells hulls, hull appendages and rigs shall only be manufactured by ISAF [now World Sailing] approved builders– in the class rules referred to as licensed builders. Equipment is required to comply with the International Etchells Building Specification and is subject to an ISAF [now World Sailing] approved manufacturing control system.

Etchells hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails may, after having left the manufacturer, only be altered to the extent permitted in Section C of the class rules…

If these rules do not say you can, then you cannot. 

Measurement checking/compliance at a World Championship is not the time to debate whether a change is legal or not.

There is available to Members a ‘protocol for submission of a class interpretation’ which was established in November 2017.

The ODTC and measurers of the Class have the full support of the IGC.  We ask that Etchells owners and sailors be diligent in their compliance with the Rules.     

Grantham Kitto

International Etchells Class Chairman on behalf of the International Governors Committee